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Welcome to the most advanced Industrial Laundry solution in the Middle East

About Us
About Us

Welcome to the most technologically advanced industrial laundry service in the region

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Our Story
Our Story

At Golden Sands Laundry, we believe there is a better way to do Laundry. A way that maximizes productivity, increase the lifespan of your products, reduces errors and provides timely delivery. We believe in earning trust and building long-term business partnership.

So, with all of that belief and the vision of the A.A.Al Moosa Group; we went ahead and built the most technologically advanced laundry system in the region.

Like every dream, it took time – but the results are well worth it.



Pieces washed per day


Increase in linen lifetime


Pickup & delivery trips per day


M2 size of the facility


Days of operation per year


Tons daily capacity

Our Services
Our Services
Golden Sands Laundry provides both commercial and industrial laundry services for various businesses around the UAE. Some of the industries that we serve are : Hotels, Restaurants, Factories, Business Facilities, Hospitality, Industry Uniforms etc.


Type: All Sorts of Linen, Uniforms, Guest Laundry, Garment Items

Dry Cleaning

Type: All Sorts of Linen, Uniforms, Guest Laundry, Garment Items

Ironing and pressing

Type: All Sorts of Linen, Uniforms, Guest Laundry, Garment Items

Pickup and Delivery

24 hours pickup and delivery from and to the customer’s premises.


All type of lenin, uniform and guest laundry items.

Dry Cleaning

Type: All Sorts of Linen, Uniforms, Guest Laundry, Garment Items

Ironing and pressing

Type: All Sorts of Linen, Uniforms, Guest Laundry, Garment Items

Pickup and Delivery

Pickup and delivery from the customers point of collection

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We know laundry – Since 1996

With the backing of A.A.Al Moosa Group, we proudly introduce the latest in laundering technology and actively pursuing an environmentally friendly initiatives across all aspects of our operations including energy and water conservation.

Golden Sands Laundry has grown leaps and bounds since 1996. The latest being our 14,704 Square Meter facility in Dubai Investments Park. It is the first large scale laundry of its kind in the region, fully automated and equipped with the latest lenin management tracking solutions.

Our aim is to provide you with un-parallel services to help you contribute to a better, cleaner and environmental friendly future.

Our Clients

We have been with Golden Sand Laundry since our opening. The experience of working with Golden Sands Laundry has been comfortable, fast, reliable and overall great!

Mr. Andres Searty

Cluster General Manager

We are glad that we decided to work with Golden Sands Laundry, it is great how easy it has become for us to manage our vast laundry cleaning requirements. Not to mention the immaculate cleaning service and timely delivery makes Golden Sands Laundry a mandatory provider and partner to us!

Shujat Yar

Cluster General Manager

Over time we have developed a reliable and trustable relationship with Golden Sands Laundry. Their dedication to our business needs is evident in all aspects of their work. We appreciate the attention to detail and timely chain of actions taken. Much appreciated!

Stefan Thumiger

Cluster General Manager

We have been working with Golden Sands Laundry since the opening of our hotel, in 2000. The team are always professional, deliver on time and show a real passion for their job.

Asif Khatri

Executive Housekeeper

We have been using GSL for the past year and find them to be very professional in their approach. A visit to their facility gave us the idea that procedures were carried out in a systematic manner and staff well trained in their tasks. We have also found the quality of washes to be good with a quick turnaround time, both of which are very important factors in our line of business

Mr. Robin Solomon

Rooms Manager

We started working with Golden Sands Laundry recently and have been impressed by the team’s eagerness to understand our business requirements and willingness to adapt to our needs. The management sincerely welcomed our feedback and has not disappointed us in their constant pursuit of excellence.

Mr. Ng Kai Quan

Assistant Residence Manager

Fantastic and consistent professional service we have received from Golden Sands Laundry. We have been partners now for 2 years and I can honestly say that the team are always there for support particularly at our peak occupancy periods. Their quality of wash and commitment to achieving delivery timings is outstanding. I have no hesitation to highly recommend Golden Sands Laundry.

Leila belelmi

Executive Housekeeper


Great people changing lives everyday

We consider our colleagues to be the main asset in our business. Our key focus is on development and progress

of our employees, providing equal opportunity for everyone to grow and flourish.



Material/linen is collected in separate bags as per their type/client, the automated bag rail system with an impressive capacity of 20 (tons) moves the sorted material/linen to the Washing solution. Bag loading systems allow the linen to be selected, stored and loaded into one or several batch washers existing in the laundry.
Top Transfer Tunnel
The bags drop material/linen to our highly flexible and adaptable batch washing system. Thanks to its advanced modular system, it can adapt to all kinds of material; hospitals, hotels, industrial etc.
With upto 50 KGs of capacity, the dryers allow the loads from the press extractor to be untangled, conditioned or dried
CED shuttle
The linen coming from the extraction press is distributed it to the available dryers.
Centrifugal Extractor
Extracts the water from the loads coming from the batch washer. In under two minutes, the pressure extracts the water from the load, thereby aiding the drying and ironing operations.
Material collected from vehicles in the docking station is transported to the conveyer, where the material is sorted, segregated and then automatically moved to the batch washer via the Bag Rail System.
Expedited Sorting
The clean, dried linen is transported to the fully automated sorting process. Items are automatically segregated, counted and packaged per article, per customer.
Packaging and Dispatch
Using the latest in technology, packages are precisely moved across the automated conveyers. The packages are scanned, sealed and finally labelled. Finally transported to the dispatch dock for delivery.


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Address: Phase 1 - Dubai Investment Park
P.O. Box: 283939 – Dubai, UAE

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Head office no. 00971 4 813 0000

Fax no. 00971 4 8832666

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